Jersey City Tooth Fairy

As a woman, mom, aunt and mentor to a few younger ladies, I stress the awareness of fear; don’t be afraid to take chances, changing your mind, or maneuvering out of your comfort zone. With a Masters in chemical engineering, Dr. Min Jin Kim worked in the engineering field for 4 years before deciding to leave to enroll in dental school. A lot of us wish we could start over, but how many of us really go for it? Well she not only went for it, but excelled at it, such as her current position as Chief of Pediatric Dental Services at the Department of Dentistry at Jersey City Medical Center (JCMC).

Achieving her goal in 6 years, she completed her residency at the Lutheran Medical Center in Brooklyn and in 2013, moved to Jersey City. Today, in addition to her Chief of Pediatric Dental Services position, she also teaches pediatric dentistry to dental residents enrolled in the General Practice Residency program at JCMC.

Currently, Dr. Min Jin Kim is opening up a pediatric dental office in the Old Colony Square plaza in downtown Jersey City. About one year ago, she decided to open up her own pediatric dental office. With the guidance of mentors and bosses, she soon found a location. Suited for children of all ages, special needs children and adults as well, the office will be open 7 days a week – yes, I said 7 days a week – and have extended office hours during the week. There’s also plenty of free parking available, which is usually a nightmare for anyone familiar with the downtown Jersey City area.

She recently gave me a tour of the soon-to-be office. She has super-cute balloon light fixtures, alligator sink handle covers, and the entire ceiling is going to painted like the sky, complete with white cloud light fixtures. Families will be able to sit side-by-side during teeth cleanings and watch TV, which are installed in the ceiling above the chairs. At the end of each visit, children will be able to spin the prize wheel and be inducted into the ‘No Cavity Club’ – I mean really, how cute is that?! Make sure you also check her out on Instagram (@deartoothfairyjc), which has plenty of photos.

I applaud her courage. It’s extremely important that women are given real life examples of what is attainable. Remember, not all superheroes wear capes!


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