Virtual Classes – May 2020

Hey everyone!

Hope everyone is doing their best during this unusual time. I have been trying my best to keep things light, positive and as productive as I can here at home. Luckily, I am still working and have been occupied with Lola’s virtual learning, which has its ups and downs. She’s doing great, but I began to worry (no surprise there, right mamas?) that she was spending entirely too much time on her iPad. So, with a little research and a touch of desperation, I found alternative ways to keep her busy. I stumbled upon so many virtual options for her therefore I decided to share my list with all of you!

If you’d like to be included on this list, please shoot me an email!


Offering online creative classes for children 4 years old and older

$10 per class


Sattva Yoga JC

Offering Live stream family yoga classes:

Toddler Yoga – Every Monday at 11:30am

Itsy Bitsy Baby Yoga – Every Friday at 11:30am

$10 per class

$39 2-week Livestream unlimited pass


Fairytale Fantasy Princess Parties

Offering FREE virtual story times on their Instagram and Facebook pages. There is a new story time/craft every Monday morning.

Facetime play dates:

$50 for 15 min virtual play dates (One on one attention with the character of your choice includes customizable activities such as stories, crafts and songs)

$20 for a pre-recorded message (customized for your child)


Miss Yvonne Swim School

Offering virtual arts & crafts and science experiments Monday through Friday at 11am.

Must pre-register in order to receive the box with the appropriate supplies to your doorstep – FREE SHIPPING.

$18 per class – your choice of any 2 classes per week.

Contact: 201-600-4640

A Sound Start

Offering virtual music classes for children up to 6 years old.


Code Wiz Jersey City

Offering daily virtual classes in coding and robotics as well as supervised Minecraft server play.


The Inner Athlete

Offering their very own YouTube channel series named the Coaches Corner


Jump Ahead Pediatrics

Offering virtual speech and occupational therapy sessions


The Body Lab JC

Offering quarantine martial arts inspired workouts every Thursday at 3pm

Contact: @thebodylab_jc

Singing with Molly

Offering virtual singing lessons

Packages or single lessons available for purchase



Offering virtual infant touch and massage worshops for babies 3 weeks to 1 year old

$25 per session

Contact: @tinytouchjc


Lola taking a virtual art and yoga class!

Child of the Day

Walking towards Lola this afternoon at pick-up, I noticed her whispering with her teacher. As a mom, you know that something either really great happened or something not-so-great happened.

Luckily for me, it was a good day – Lola jumped up and down and yelled, “Mom, I was chosen to be the Child of the Day!”

She has patiently been waiting to be chosen as “Child of the Day.” Part of their Name Word Study Unit program, the Child of the Day is selected at random by the teacher. The focus of the program is to teach students how to recognize and spell the names of their classmates.

Students must fill a “Me Bag” with items that are meaningful to them and present them to their teacher and classmates. They even get interviewed. This is such an awesome idea and showcases why I love her school so much!

We rushed home and she quickly began to select which items she wanted to include in her Me Bag.

She choose to fill her bag with her favorite books, toys, souvenirs from our recent trip to Puerto Rico and a picture of her father and me. She is super excited to present her items to her class tomorrow.



Alice in Wonderland by Puppetworks at the Jersey City Theater Center

Earlier today, Lola and I, visited the Jersey City Theater Center in downtown. This is our second time attending a puppet show at JCTC.

The puppet show told a version of Alice in Wonderland and it was great! Not only was the show entertaining but very educational.

Before the show starts, the Executive Director and Puppet Master, Mike, explains what puppets are, how they are made, what they are made of and makes the kids laugh all while teaching them. In addition, at the end of the show he brings out the Alice puppet and let’s all the kids touch her and even take pictures with her. You will see a photo below with Lola and Alice and you can see in her face how excited she was about it!

The show runs through December 11th and you can buy tickets online here:

Hi there.

I’m a Jersey City native and have lived in Jersey City my entire life. I now raise my daughter, Lola, here with my husband.

Since becoming a mom, both JC and I have slowly evolved. JC was a great place to grow up, I have many great memories of playing outside with my friends, going to the neighborhood library to do my homework and spending time with my parents and sister.

I don’t remember attending food festivals every other weekend or the farmers market or even visiting different kinds of restaurants. Luckily for Lola she gets to enjoy all these kinds of things and more since JC has so much to offer!

Lola is my only child and we do a lot to keep her busy and exposed to new and exciting experiences. You can usually find us at some kind of sport, art, dance or gymnastic class from season to season. I also take advantage of all the JC kid events I can and this is where I will share those experiences with all of you. Perhaps you can join us!