In Mamas Kitchen

Tina and I connected over social media – we are two passionate moms pursuing our dreams, in hopes of inspiring others to do the same. I recently sat down with Tina Rivera, head baker and owner of Baking Mama where we discussed her love of baking and her family.

Hoboken’s quaint new family owned bake shop, Baking Mama, offers a variety of handmade French macarons, cookies, cupcakes, cakes, and other baked treats. Tina welcomed me with a big smile from behind the counter, where I can see she was arms deep in dough, baking something I’m sure would be delicious!

One of her bucket list items was to open up her own bake shop. She has been baking from home in her free time since 1994 and just 6 months ago, with the support of her husband, opened Baking Mama. With her two kids all grown-up (tear), her husband reminded her this is her time and she should go for it. When they saw the for sale sign on the front door of the vacant shop, they signed the lease within a week. Sounds like destiny to me.

Open 7 days-a-week, you’re likely to find Tina or one of siblings behind the counter welcoming you with a warm smile. Due to the community’s voice, Tina will soon be opening up for the morning commuters and offering breakfast, treats and drinks.

Additionally, the shop hosts baking lessons for groups of 3-4 people. Sounds like a great girls/moms night out, or even date night! They also host kid lessons. Follow them on Instagram to keep up with all the exciting updates @Iambakingmama.

Tina will be creating Lola’s birthday cake for her upcoming 6th birthday party and I will be sure to post pictures!



Baking Mama is located at 88 Hudson Street