Women in Motion

Who doesn’t want to feel and look better?! Most women want to get fit, but are intimated entering a gym. Some women are lucky enough to have support from family members or lifelong friends, but some of us don’t. Between working, taking care of yourself, perhaps a family, and the tons of other things us women juggle from day-to-day, who even has the time to get to a gym? I recently caught up with Danielle De Angelo, co-owner of Jane Do, a fitness studio created by women, for women struggling with fitness.

Founders Danielle De Angelo and Jacey Lambros, former Radio City Rockettes, banded together to develop Jane Do. They wanted to create an environment where women empower women, a judgement free zone. With an emphasize on dance, and not necessarily “working out,” the point of the program is to have fun and build a sisterhood with your fellow members. Between the two of them, they have over 17 years of Rockette dance experience. “It’s a fusion of traditional athleticism and classical dance,” says Dani, who researched and developed with Jacey for over a year. “Women can have the strength of an athlete with the body of a dancer.”

They created a methodology of dance and fitness, specifically crafted for individuals looking for an exercise alternative. There are two studios in New Jersey – one in downtown Jersey City, and the other in Edgewater, with a third studio soon to be opened in Hoboken. The studios are sanctuaries for tons of moms, both pregnant and post-partum. They band together for the monthly challenges and the special Friday night dance sessions. Dani told me, “Moms can come and let their hair down. They can take a minute for themselves.”

I was invited to take their ‘Tramp Stamp’ class with Jeanne, who was 5 months pregnant by the way. She had the most energy in the class and put us all to shame when it came time to jump on the trampoline and hold our planks! I was heavily impressed. I didn’t have the confidence I’d be able to get through the class, but before I knew it, the class was over and I felt great about myself!

At the moment, the studios have a total of 15 instructors that are all former or current NBA and Broadway dancers. More importantly, they are all certified in the Jane Do methodology, which is provided in-house. At the end of our talk, Dani said something to me that really inspired me to become a part of the community. “Our goal is to allow women to find strength in the studio, which they can take outside and do amazing things with – the main purpose is to encourage women to be confident.” Amen, sistah!

If you decide to take a class at the studio, let me know — I would love to find my strength alongside you!




In Mamas Kitchen

Tina and I connected over social media – we are two passionate moms pursuing our dreams, in hopes of inspiring others to do the same. I recently sat down with Tina Rivera, head baker and owner of Baking Mama where we discussed her love of baking and her family.

Hoboken’s quaint new family owned bake shop, Baking Mama, offers a variety of handmade French macarons, cookies, cupcakes, cakes, and other baked treats. Tina welcomed me with a big smile from behind the counter, where I can see she was arms deep in dough, baking something I’m sure would be delicious!

One of her bucket list items was to open up her own bake shop. She has been baking from home in her free time since 1994 and just 6 months ago, with the support of her husband, opened Baking Mama. With her two kids all grown-up (tear), her husband reminded her this is her time and she should go for it. When they saw the for sale sign on the front door of the vacant shop, they signed the lease within a week. Sounds like destiny to me.

Open 7 days-a-week, you’re likely to find Tina or one of siblings behind the counter welcoming you with a warm smile. Due to the community’s voice, Tina will soon be opening up for the morning commuters and offering breakfast, treats and drinks.

Additionally, the shop hosts baking lessons for groups of 3-4 people. Sounds like a great girls/moms night out, or even date night! They also host kid lessons. Follow them on Instagram to keep up with all the exciting updates @Iambakingmama.

Tina will be creating Lola’s birthday cake for her upcoming 6th birthday party and I will be sure to post pictures!



Baking Mama is located at 88 Hudson Street