Find Your Creativity in Jersey City @ HudsonPLAY

Looking for a unique, safe and sanitary environment for your child to enjoy this weekend? Well then I have the perfect place for you! HudsonPLAY, located in downtown Jersey City at the Brunswick Center, is a new open-play space for our kids.

HudsonPLAY is a unique family space that encourages play time, rather than screen time. The space has activities for the body, as well as the mind, with a focus on interactive entertainment and fitness. HudsonPLAY is designed for fun, with active play areas for toddlers, state-of-the-art activities for preschoolers and a challenging Ninja Warrior course, rock climbing walls and a virtual reality roller coaster for everyone else!

When I walked in, I was thoroughly impressed. Upon entry, you’re welcomed by bright colors and stark white walls, accompanied by dynamic blue and yellow equipment. The staff is extremely friendly as well.

Conveniently located within the premises, their very own HealthBAR café allows parents clear visibility to the kids from their tables. You can actually sit back and relax!

Programs currently being offered include:

Ninja training: Babies: (ages 12 months and under), Kids (ages 4-7 years old), and Youth (ages 8-12 years old).

Tumbling: Toddlers (ages 13 months to 3 years old) and Kids (ages 4-12 years old).

Robotics: Kids (ages 8-12 years old)

They also offer mommy and me classes, which include music enrichment and baby tumbling. Please note that ninja training and tumbling classes do not have a start or end date. You can skip a week or 2 and come back for the class.

You do not need to be a member to join classes, but there are great benefits to joining. If you become a member of HudsonPLAY, you are entitled to discounted play pass rates, 10% off the HealthBAR and special events. Members get free and first access to all new features, and you will also have the pleasure of enjoying family movie nights!

Prices are rising due to high demand, but you can take advantage of membership discount if you sign up before Monday, October 10th. Annual memberships start at $15 for individuals and $25 for families.

If you’d like to visit the space before committing to any classes or membership, Jersey City Mom Blog has a SPECIAL OFFER just for you! All of my readers can use the DISCOUNT CODE: 5offJCMB’ to sign up for any daily play passes and/or classes (online and in-person)!

Maybe I’ll see you there!


Child of the Day

Walking towards Lola this afternoon at pick-up, I noticed her whispering with her teacher. As a mom, you know that something either really great happened or something not-so-great happened.

Luckily for me, it was a good day – Lola jumped up and down and yelled, “Mom, I was chosen to be the Child of the Day!”

She has patiently been waiting to be chosen as “Child of the Day.” Part of their Name Word Study Unit program, the Child of the Day is selected at random by the teacher. The focus of the program is to teach students how to recognize and spell the names of their classmates.

Students must fill a “Me Bag” with items that are meaningful to them and present them to their teacher and classmates. They even get interviewed. This is such an awesome idea and showcases why I love her school so much!

We rushed home and she quickly began to select which items she wanted to include in her Me Bag.

She choose to fill her bag with her favorite books, toys, souvenirs from our recent trip to Puerto Rico and a picture of her father and me. She is super excited to present her items to her class tomorrow.